Steve’s ‘Three Ds’

Driven to help businesses succeed at the next level

Steve’s focus is unrelenting and he is renowned for getting the best from people. His strong, results-driven sales and performance ethic is apparent in all of his roles, and he uses that same drive when helping others.

Direct in clarifying business objectives – and the steps needed to achieve them

Steve openly acknowledges that he comes with opinions, and he is not afraid to share them. He believes an open and direct approach is the best way to ensure other entrepreneurs benefit from his experience.

Dynamic in his approach to offer customized solutions for specific and diverse business needs

Steve understands different businesses have different needs, and the only thing they all have in common is the need for fast and effective solutions. He does not seek the career limelight, but measures his success by the difference he makes to those he helps. His goal is to look beyond the obvious and inspire a new generation of business leaders.

Summary of Experience

• Private and corporate sector business planning
• Senior Board member and Chief Executive Officer
• Directing acquisitions and selling entrepreneurial businesses
• Creating, directing and motivating local, regional, and global sales operations
• Pursuing continual innovation including award winning customer IT web portals

As the CEO of an international logistics business put it: “Steve’s commitment to projects, enthusiasm for pushing the boundaries and determination to make a difference are unsurpassed. He has an uncanny knack of picking from 40 years of experience to find the right answer for tomorrow’s world.”