swg.global – the facilitator for the future of Forwarding

Freight Forwarding as we know it is probably under its biggest ever threat from Silicon Valley and the Corporate giants that fulfill our daily shopping and journey needs.


While these Cloud companies offer an interactive Transport Management System (TMS) we cannot allow our services and market to erode. We accept the challenge to create a new model for the third decade of 21st Century.

No company can greatly improve transits; however Forwarders can improve importers and exporters experience by offering bespoke Business Intelligence. We need to move on from our Track and Trace with its ‘smoked mirrors’.

The offering

Steve’s new division ‘SWG’ has aligned best in class logistic IT offerings that will level the playing field.

SWG are Supply Chain facilitators who have chosen software packages that offer and support Compliance, Control, Cost savings and Carbon reporting.They sit between the these software companies and yourselves , as often neither party fully understands the offering or the expanse of the opportunity. The e4PL experience makes the SWG offering unique.


‘Wherever you are in the logistic cycle, importer, exporter, freight carrier or forwarder you must extract greater value from all of your service providers.

You are one click away from a unique offering that will make the Silicon Valley TMS offering seem what it is, cold, faceless and devoid of centuries of experience.

We launched swg.global in 2017

Hopefully we will then share the same determination and vision for the forwarding future.