Steve Walker


With a solid 40 year portfolio of success, Steve Walker relies on his vast experience working within both private and corporate sectors and across a range of international companies in the US, UK and Far East.


His insightful leadership and disciplined approach have effectively driven global business initiatives and created consistent and effective sales strategies that have ensured success for his companies. Most notably, he created and developed a successful leading global IT business, which was sold in 2013 to a publicly-traded international logistics group.

Global Reach

Extensive worldwide travel has equipped Steve with a well-developed understanding of overseas markets and business cultures. He knows how to identify and grow opportunities and bring businesses into new markets.


Steve’s long and distinguished career in senior business management, particularly in the global logistics and supply chain sector, has positioned him well for the future and demonstrates both his vision and acumen.
For businesses looking to take that next critical step, Steve’s advice and support, across all levels, are essential.

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