Sales & Marketing

As the marketplace changes, the approaches and tools used by sales and marketing teams must also evolve. It is not enough to keep up with this evolution, instead businesses must work to stay ahead of it.


All sales teams benefit from being encouraged, supported and critically managed for the long-term. This is true at individual, team and director levels.
Steve shares his experience with sales teams through mentoring, sales planning and management. He can encourage ‘Hunters’, galvanize ‘Farmers’, and build sales initiatives and motivational programs, while restructuring sales teams to engage in new online reporting and call programs linked to the company’s CRM with easily definable end results.


The benefits of an effective marketing campaign should never be overlooked as it creates an environment in which it is much easier to sell. This creates a delicate trade-off between costs and results. Steve can advise on this concept, along with the best ways to differentiate in a crowded marketplace; differentiation often being the key to achieving pre-defined ROI goals.