The constant evolution of IT has, and will continue to have, significant impact on the world of logistics. Managing the constant improvements in global supply chain management can be both invigorating and daunting. Steve’s impeccable logistics insight is born of 40 years in the industry.


Steve has witnessed businesses repeatedly becoming anchored to obstructive operational and IT systems. In 2017, that is unacceptable. The key is to create a company DNA that constantly evolves, with ownership of consistent USPs and innovation at its heart.

Transparent Technology

Steve emphasizes transparency and relevance when helping businesses take control of their logistics. This successful approach was at the heart of Steve’s own award-winning logistics IT platform; one that remains a market-leading technology today.

Seamless Execution

Seamless execution is key. Steve’s advice typically leads to the replacement of manual processes with reliable, efficient and measurable automated functions. He focuses on the connection between functions where time and cost delays can be eliminated.
As one client put it: “Steve Walker has redefined the way we think about logistics. Since his involvement, our business has become more efficient, effective and profitable.”