International Perspectives

A Steady Voice in Turbulent Times

Today’s business climate is fraught with instability. Shifting political priorities and administrations throughout the world are significantly impacting trade deals, global opportunities, and rules and regulations. Whether dealing with the variables of Brexit or managing transitive governments, businesses need reliable, experienced guidance to rise above the confusion and perceive the opportunities amidst the challenges.

Steve is optimistic about our present circumstances. He remembers the fear-mongering that hamstrung business and added significant cost during the pre-Y2K turmoil.

Opportunity Knocks

Businesses have already begun to circle their wagons in response to the negative global conversation. But Steve is not listening to the cynics. Instead, he is helping businesses consider their international trading position and advising them on the challenges and the opportunities in play – whether they are British companies dealing with Europe or American companies who want to do business with both the EU and the UK.
The current reaffirmation of positive diplomacy between the US and the UK has set the stage for US companies to invest in their own operations in the UK. Steve’s extensive experience on both sides of the Atlantic allows him to be a conduit for change and encouragement for companies exploring these pivotal options.
Steve believes that the UK needs to push to ensure that its industries are not burdened with duties, trade barriers or quotas, or encumbered by customs clearance procedures that delay the transit of goods. If successful, there are enormous opportunities to reach out to new markets as well as the likelihood of reframing Britain’s relationship with the EU.


Our current global situation will certainly affect how we do business. Steve Walker sees the opportunities in those changes and is very optimistic about the years ahead. He looks forward to helping businesses make the most of them.